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The location determines the ingredients and the taste: deep underground, in the Salzkammergut, dormant, protected from any contamination, in the midst of crystal-clear lakes, is where Frankenmarkter mineral water is stored.

2022 marks the start of a special campaign: from now on, an artist will design the labels of Frankenmarkter mineral water every year. The artistic challenge: to depict the unmistakable crystal-clear Salzkammergut lakes, the symbol of the Frankenmarkter spring that originates in the Salzkammergut.

Frankenmarkter mineral water

Art Edition Langbathsee 2023

Last autumn, graduates were invited to take part in a competition in cooperation with the Linz Art University with the aim of selecting a work of art for the Frankenmarkter Mineralwasser Art Edition 2023. The competition was looking for a work of art that was related to or depicted a Salzkammergut lake. DI Nicole Hübscher won the competition with her work "Langbathsee in a Drop". The inspiration was a photo hike around the beautiful Langbathsee. The unique shape of the rear Langbathsee is the product of the surrounding Alps. It was captured as a drop along with the typical colours.

The Frankenmarkter Art Edition appears exclusively on all containers of Frankenmarkter mineral water. This will be implemented immediately throughout the gastronomy and retail sectors.

Art Edition Attersee 2022

"The Fullness of Emptiness"

Mag. Art. Lydia Wassner-Hauser

This year's art edition is designed by the visual artist Mag. Art. Lydia Wassner-Hauser. In her cycle of works "The Fullness of Emptiness", which she painted in the Villa Paulick in Seewalchen am Attersee, she shows the turquoise blue Attersee:

Inspired by a walk at Lake Attersee in 2019, impressed by the turquoise-blue water that glistened and shone out of itself and fascinated by the silence emanating from the water, the first water paintings were created in the studio of Mag. Art. Lydia Wassner-Hauser's studio. The works of art, which were created in complete seclusion in the artist's studio over the past two years, bear witness to an incredible stillness and depth.

The Frankenmarkter Art Edition appears exclusively on all returnable glass bottles of Frankenmarkter Mineralwasser. From May, this will be implemented across the board in gastronomy and retail.

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