Time travel

Frankenmarkter Mineralwasser looks back on over 100 years of history, always in close connection with the Starzinger family, whose life's work has been water with all its facets for four generations.

1906: Soda water makes a start

The innkeeper Josef Starzinger lays the foundation for today's Frankenmarkt mineral water by bottling soda water in Frankenmarkt. Even during the turmoil of the two world wars, the bottling of soda water continues at the inn.

Reconstruction and upheaval

With the reconstruction after the war years also comes the change to automation. His son August Starzinger I (born 1912) is given the means to expand the company. In addition to bottling other brands, he also pushes the further expansion of soda water production as well as the lemon lemonade "Sprudel" (which is bottled in a similar green bottle to the Schartner Bombe) and the "Himbeer-Kracherl".

Relocation to the current location

Until August Starzinger II (born 1943) takes over the company in 1977, the production and distribution of Frankenmarkt soda water continues to expand, but is already reaching its limits at this time due to a lack of production capacity. With the relocation to a new site (today's headquarters of the Starzinger Group), a deep well is drilled to ensure the supply of water. This water, which is taken from a depth of 80 metres, turns out to be first-class mineral water and is henceforth marketed as Frankenmarkter Mineralwasser.

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