Mineral ≠ tap water

Why mineral water is even better than tap water

We Austrians are in the fortunate position of getting excellent drinking water from the tap. Nevertheless, there are a few reasons why Frankenmarkter mineral water can be even better for us:

Compare the ingredients!

Der Vergleich der Inhaltsstoffe auf den Flaschenetiketten gibt Aufschluss darüber, welches Wasser für welchen Gebrauch das geeignetste ist. If you want to save yourself the trouble of reading labels, you can easily and conveniently check with our water test.

All round healthy

Especially those who pay attention to the health of babies and toddlers should consider some important factors!

The advantages of mineral water

  • Tap water usually comes from sources with shallow depths and is thus increasingly exposed to environmental pollution. This can be waste water from industry and agriculture, which is sometimes contaminated with antibiotics or fertilisers. But also long or outdated pipe systems (e.g. due to disused houses) contribute to the pollution of the water.
  • Mineral waters come from springs with a depth of at least 70 m and have thus been filtered over many millennia. This results in the special purity of mineral waters, which is strictly checked on a regular basis.
  • Mineral waters are natural suppliers of minerals and trace elements.
  • The treatment of drinking water with chlorine or other derivatives leads to unpleasant organoleptic (perceived only by the senses) properties.
  • Carcinogenic substances can form if the water comes from soil rich in river trub and consequently rich in lignin.
  • For babies and small children nitrates and nitrites can become dangerous even in quantities below the legal limit in tap water (nitrates 50 mg/l, nitrites 0.1mg/l). The result: a poor oxygen supply in the body!
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