Investing in returnable glass!

Frankenmarkter mineral water also offers the highest drinking pleasure in the glass bottle. The new 0.33l returnable bottle not only looks good, but also underlines the sustainable basic idea of Frankenmarkter and the Starzinger beverage group behind it.

Even in the "Sturm & Drang Zeit" of the PET bottle, Starzinger always stuck to the reusable container and continued to invest. In 2019, for example, the company invested in a new washing system for the glass filling line, which reduced water consumption by 70%;

Economical, ecological & social

Sustainable management and consideration for nature's resources: the family-owned company Starzinger has been focusing on the issue of sustainability for many years. As a leading Austrian company, Starzinger is aware of its social and ecological responsibility, demonstrates innovative strength and pursues secure value creation. 

This is shown, for example, by the company's own electric hydroelectric power plants and its main participation in a biomass power plant. But attention is also paid to the environment when it comes to transport or the use of heat. That is why the tunnel pasteurisers of the can plants are used as heat sources for heating the storage areas.

Economic action requires foresight, honesty, consistency and the knowledge to handle the available resources prudently. The Starzinger beverage group has been in existence for over 110 years. This is the best proof that it is an economically successful company. Ludmilla Starzinger has been managing the company since 2010, relying on the traditional Starzinger family values. This is the only way to employ 250 people, operate six locations and ten bottling plants

The Starzinger beverage group has always supported numerous social projects with beverages. Among them, chartity events organised by Caritas or other non-profit associations. Beverages are also provided free of charge in the event of environmental disasters such as floods or contamination of groundwater in the region.

Starzinger has also been a partner of the Kronehit Kindertraum from the very beginning. 

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