Light water - Leyline

Lichtwasser: The special mineral water

Frankenmarkter Mineral Water (still) has a very high light water content of 70 % (= 34,000 Bovis units). Our Juvina mineral water (still) also has 50% light water in it. Radiesthesists say that both waters can have a healing effect on certain disease patterns because of their resonance spectrum.

What is a light water?

Light waters, such as Lourdes water, are extremely rare spring waters that arise naturally in different places on earth and have special physical characteristics: They resonate with all seven rainbow frequencies of light.

Yin and Yang - in harmony with nature


Light water also pulsates with the phases of the moon and acts as yang water when the moon is waxing and as yin water when the moon is waning. The body can therefore get what it needs in the natural rhythm of nature


The healing effect of the water of light

According to Dr. Maria Ciccolo, the healing effect of light water is based on its ability to naturally resonate with the natural vibrations of the organs. This enables weakened or diseased organs to reduce the disturbed natural frequency and replace it with healthy frequency.


The properties of light water are unique. If one brings a hand to a glass of tap water, a rod or pendulum will strike out at a distance of 2 to 5 cm, depending on the quality. Good water from a tap has between 7,000 and 10,000 Bovis units. With light water, the rod strikes out at a distance of approx. 90 cm when the radiesthesian mutates. If you put a bottle of light water on a water pipe, you get up to 40,000 Bovis units (+/- 6,000 Bovis units), depending on the quality of the water flowing through.

Light water retains its healing power

A special property of light water is its immutability. If you transport water that does not have a corresponding light water content away from a healing source, the transport changes the structure of the water. It can lose its healing power in places that draw energy away. This is different with light water: as perfect water, it does not itself absorb any negative information or debilitating changes. Light water never loses its power.

Absolute energy bound in material

There is no uniform theory among radiesthesians as to what the quality of light water is really due to. Some attribute it to all light spectral ranges, others to an influence or healing effect in the organic, psychic, spiritual and transcendental realms. There is a theory recognised by NASA that water in the form of small comets repeatedly comes into the earth's orbit, evaporates and thus enters the earth's natural water cycle. Lumps of ice falling from the sky on a case-by-case basis are attributed to aircraft. Perhaps light water has a high proportion of primordial water; it is certainly a "magic water". A radiesthesia teacher calls it "absolute energy bound in matter".

The Japanese professor Masaru Emoto believes to have proven with his water crystal photography that water can store linguistic as well as other information. One can say: water is the most natural information carrier and transporter. Light water seems to come closest to this.

Leyline: Mineral water and healing spring in one

Frankenmarkter Mineral Water is a special water.

Not only because of its mineralisation and low nitrite and nitrate levels, but also because of its origin: Frankenmarkter mineral water rises on a leyline (so does Juvina mineral water spring by the way)*. And waters that do so are, by definition, healing springs.

*Appraisal by the Institute for Radiaesthetic Data Analysis, Mag. Josef Eidenberger, in cooperation with Ing. Albert Hofmann.

What is a Leyline?

The term leyline originates from geomancy and was first established by the Briton Alfred Watkins in 1921. Thus, places of worship and churches were preferably built on leylines in order to use the power flowing out of them. This is because the theory of leylines states that the earth is covered with a network of power or energy lines.

Leylines basically consist of two parallel cores:

  • Yin strand
  • Yang strand (runs parallel to the yin strand)

In Chinese medicine, "yin" means feminine, cold, matter and calming. "Yang", on the other hand, stands for male, energy, warmth and stimulation. Some also speak of left-turning (yin) and right-turning (yang). Uninformed people often portray levorotatory as negative and dextrorotatory as positive, but there is no quality rating here.

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